The Studio

We build brands, products and experiences, from strategy to execution. Our roots are in brand development and product design, a balance that fundamentally drives our approach to innovation.


aruliden is a brand strategy and product design consultancy formed by Rinat Aruh and Johan Liden in 2006 to bridge the gap between design and marketing. Our team includes a variety of backgrounds and nationalities – heck, we speak a total of 12 languages, and more importantly, generate some great work collectively. Like any good game, design is no solo sport.

We believe great brands have a clear understanding of why they exist and what drives them in their work every day. This strong sense of purpose gives greater meaning and coherence. In all of our work, we start by clarifying and articulating purpose—to drive change from the inside, out.

Imagining a new future requires a rigorous approach. We inspire and provoke, to uncover bolder strategies. We prototype and make, to bring potential futures to life in order to explore them more thoughtfully. And we create powerful experiences that motivate people to belong to brands in new ways.