July 12, 2016

Rethinking HAIRitage, for a complete product design system.


Goody has a long heritage as the go-to hairstyling and accessories brand for women and girls, with 75 percent market share. But the woman of today is always evolving, and Goody needed to evolve with her. In order to help Goody differentiate at retail, aruliden created a new visual design language, multi-use functionality and complete product design system across 70 SKUs.

We talked with consumers and observed them in action to understand their pain points with the products. Today’s woman is no longer defined by a single “in” hairstyle. A single use product that didn’t feel right in the hand, for the job at hand, was no longer an option. The challenge was creating a simple product system with a unified brand image that feels great to use. With those insights, our team set out to create a system of ergonomic, functional and beautiful brushes.

Aruliden met the design challenge by bringing visual cohesion to the form language of the styling tools product lineup. The benefits of the products became the main focus. The product design language is defined by its soft continuous contours that not only create a visually friendly and approachable design, but a comfortable user experience too. Every user touch point has been considered. 

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