July 21, 2016

Designed for Olympians


The WHOOP performance optimization system, with device, packaging and branding designed by aruliden, is now available for consumer preorder. WHOOP was previously only available to athletes; worn by elites such as LeBron James and Ryan Lochte.

The WHOOP System's lightweight, waterproof design automatically analyzes your Strain, Recovery, and Sleep; data that is translated into actionable recommendations to enhance your performance and avoid overtraining.

The WHOOP wearable device is a sleek wrist-worn strap that marries fashion with function. Throughout the design process, our challenge was to create a product ecosystem that delivered superior function while fitting seamlessly into user’s lifestyles. Over the past year and a half, we have worked with Will Ahmed and the WHOOP team, including advisors Nicholas Negroponte and Antonio Bertone, to develop a holistic product offering.


In order to make the strap as comfortable and versatile as possible, we fit all the components into the head of the device. This allows the user to swap out the strap, while keeping all the hardware in one waterproof unit. A die cast aluminum clasp locks everything in place. The tri-fold clasp allows for easy removal when needed while keeping the band seamless and comfortable. The red WHOOP puck serves as a carrying case for the battery pack and also creates the foundation for the secondary packaging. The battery and cable come nestled in the puck, while the bracelet floats above it on a clear stand. Everything is then capped with a cylindrical paper lid.

Elite athletes and teams in every major league, 20 Olympians, and the U.S. Military have sung the praises of WHOOP, which is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award. Now, consumers committed to performance training will be able to gain insights and improve performance. The benefits of a wearable designed to be Always On.