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Designed by Students

For Staples Back to School 2015, we partnered with Middle School students to use the design thinking process to develop a set of products that meet their discrete wants and needs. Students are facing real challenges to stay organized and manage all the things they need for school. By using our expertise in design and integrating design thinking into education, we pushed unconventional curriculum, promoted creativity and confidence and encouraged collaboration among the schools in order to discover what students need to make learning easier. The result? 9 unique Staples products that pop with color, clean up the chaos students face and put students in the zone to get more done, all while protecting the things they carry throughout the day. Available now in Staples stores and online at

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The Collection:
The Big Pen Pencil Case
Big Props
Super Folder
Portable Desk
Tray Desk
The Bag
Accordion Bag
Back2Back School Bag
Floating Locker Shelves

All Works