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Canary Flex is the first and only indoor and outdoor, weatherproof, HD security camera that can be used wire-free or plugged-in. It is the most advanced and versatile security camera available on the market today. Built for adaptability–Flex features a 360 degree magnetic swivel base that that allows users to position the device anywhere and articulate the camera to any angle necessary.  Mount it, clip it, hang it...flex it as you need it, the Canary Flex is extremely adaptable to a wide range of mounts through unique accessories.

When working with the Canary team, collectively we wanted to develop a design language that was inherently versatile, while housing the components necessary for a wire-free experience. The pill shape allows the device to articulate easily in any direction within the hemisphere of the dock, while creating the optimal proportions for fitting the high capacity battery, camera, and motion sensor.

As the folks at Canary state: "Beautiful. Inside and Out." 

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For more information on Canary Flex please visit their website.

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