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aruliden was approached by Google to help redesign how we collaborate in the workplace today. With all the technological advances that make it easy for a global workforce to stay connected, there is still no seamless way to brainstorm across teams or offices. A collaborative team of designers, engineers, thinkers, and makers introduce the next generation solution for true collaboration: Jamboard,  an innovative creative collaboration whiteboard designed for today’s dynamic workplace.

 With Jamboard, teams can jot down ideas, sketch out plans or frame up an idea in seconds, and collaborate in real-time with co-workers across the globe. The magic in Jamboard is that it brings human touch to a digital experience. The gestural cues that Jamboard integrates allows users to interact with the product just as they would with a whiteboard; the interface does not detract from the creative experience as some technology can, but instead enhances it.

Draw with a stylus, erase with your hand, move images with a swipe. The hardware is thoughtfully designed for the space that it lives in and the functionality it offers, offering a sleek aesthetic that fits easily in any workspace.

Jamboard is an exciting new way to bridge the gap between analog and digital for the creative industries. There’s a friendly, approachable design that speaks to both the Google brand and the creative process, which makes it accessible and easy to use. Jamboard marries all the magic from G Suite into a physical hardware solution, built to let teams foster creativity and brainstorm freely.

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