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Design for 24/7 Elite Athletes

WHOOP is a performance optimization system that is revolutionizing the way elite athletes, coaches and trainers use physiological data to make decisions. The WHOOP system includes a sleek wrist-worn strap that continuously measures, analyzes and reports the factors that most effect health – intensity, recovery, and sleep performance. This data is translated into actionable insights that help users grow and improve.
WHOOP is always on, providing a 24/7 picture of strain and recovery to athletes so they can adjust their workouts, balance training plans, prevent injury, and improve team performance.
Throughout the design process, our challenge was to create a product that an athlete could wear 24 hours a day. In order to make the strap as comfortable, seamless and versatile as possible, we ensured all the components fit into the head of the device. This allows the user to swap out the strap, while keeping all the hardware in one waterproof unit. A tri-fold, die cast aluminum clasp locks the band in place, allowing for easy removal when needed while ensuring comfort. We designed a slide on battery pack, enabling on the go charging without users having to remove the device.

To accompany the hardware, the physiological data collected by WHOOP is streamed via Bluetooth to a sophisticated analytics platform. Strain, Recovery, and Sleep Performance Scores are presented via mobile app or desktop dashboard that features a simple and engaging user interface designed by Martin Oberhäuser. Martin also created the UI for the Team Dashboard, allowing trainers and coaches to view data and tailor workouts to each individual athlete’s readiness to perform.
Every element of the brand from the colors, photography, visual assets and packaging were designed with empowerment in mind. As the product is for an active, on the go user, we created the red WHOOP puck, the base of the packaging, to serve as a carrying case for battery packs and extra straps.
Teams currently use WHOOP across the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and the English Premier League, along with 20 Olympians that used WHOOP to train for the recent games in Rio. Whoop 2.0 is currently available for pre-order to consumers.

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