Strategy / Industrial Design / Branding / Packaging / Campaign


Founded in 1971, AM was a product line designed for cleaning vinyl albums. We had to rethink AM’s company vision and strategy to get their business back on track and relevant for today’s market and consumer.

Product Design

The design evoked a simple, inviting, vibrant language to bring energy and enjoyment to a mundane task. Each design is thoughtfully all-in-one, removing the need for additional products for a truly grab and go solution.


Going beyond product, we designed an identity system with poppy colors, simple messaging and worked with artist Geoff McFetridge to create a series of illustrations to be applied to the packaging and campaign.


Integrate our branding and illustrations into each of our products one-size-fits-all packaging to display in a retail environment.


We built out an e-commerce experience for people to purchase products, refills and learn more about the history and mission of AM.