Backdrop – A Brand New Way to Paint

Brand Identity / Art Direction / Web Design / Product Design / Packaging

Brand Identity

Backdrop set out to be transparent, easy-to-use and empowering, so we designed a visual identity to match. From logo to typography to photography style, every aspect of how Backdrop shows up in the world was carefully curated and designed to get the job done.

Product & Packaging

As a DTC brand, Backdrop’s out-of-box experience needed to be picture-perfect, and visual coordination across the brand’s entire ecosystem had to be just right. Our graphic and industrial designers worked side-by-side to apply the new identity to Backdrop’s painting tools and packaging, and ensure the brand’s IRL experiences measured up to its digital expression.

Campaign Imagery

We shot friends and family (not ‘models’) in the process of painting to bring everything Backdrop together and celebrate the brand’s visceral, DIY aesthetics. Once the work is done, Backdrop shows users enjoying the fruits of their labor in settings with a strong opinion—no cookie cutter, staged-looking interiors, here.