The ‘clean beauty’ landscape has become overly saturated and confusing. For its next phase of growth ILIA partnered with Aruliden to develop a new vision for the brand to not only stand out in the saturated market but to be clear on their message, mission and promise.

    By focusing on identifying the brand equities to bring forward that reinforce ILIA’s points of differentiation, as well as giving them a visual refresh, we helped ILIA to redefine their voice and their vision.

    Crafting ILIA 2.0

    For ILIA 2.0 we built on and brought forward the already established qualities inherent to the brand–attention to design, a love of color, thoughtfully created and beautifully crafted packaging, clean ingredients that don’t compromise on efficacy, luscious photography and gorgeous results.

    Laddering up to our redefined purpose for the brand–building a better beauty experience, from the ground up–we evolved the brand elements of logo, color palette, information design and content to feel clean, confident and alive.