Industrial Design

    Blend Watch

    The Blend Watch tells time with a mesmerizing mix of color play and theory. As the translucent, brightly-colored discs revolve, clear hour and minute windows reveal the time in contrasting colors. By design, this everyday object gets a playful spin, transforming small moments.

    Graphite Towers

    Designed in homage to iconic New York City buildings, the Graphite Towers are functional desktop decor. Precisely carved from graphite, these collectibles offer an alluring array of line widths and combinations when used for drawing. 

    Lily Pad Coasters

    Designed to be combined, these coasters invite play with light, shadow, shape and color, for creative cocktail hours. Build mini sculptures or overlap and combine the Lily Pads to create new shades.

    Dip Ice Cream Scoop

    The Dip Ice Cream Scoop is perhaps the most suggestive ice cream scoop ever created. Its tapered shape allows for easy handling while the cast aluminum alloy body doesn’t conduct cold, making it supremely comfortable to use.


    Aruliden designed these MoMA products through a rigorous process of sketching, modeling and prototyping. All proceeds go toward the Museum of Modern Art, so we’re proud of our contribution to keeping an iconic institution thriving for everyone to enjoy and learn from.