Backdrop— A New Way to Paint

The Brief

Buying paint is a painful, time-consuming experience. Direct to Consumer (DTC) brand Backdrop came to us with the mission to transform the whole process. With a name and a vision, the goal was to merge home design and tech to create a purchasing experience for modern consumers. We brought this brand strategy to life; from the logo to the paint can to photography style.

  • Services

  • Brand Strategy

  • Product Naming

  • Visual Identity

  • Digital Experience

  • Product Design

  • Packaging

  • Campaign

Backdrop wanted to be transparent, easy-to-use, and empowering. So, we designed a visual identity that celebrates the fun and personal process of making your home reflect you. Our graphic and industrial designers worked side-by-side to apply the new identity to Backdrop’s painting tools and packaging, and ensure the brand’s in real life experiences measured up to its digital expression.

Bringing realness to interacting with paint

The Supplies

Every part of the process was considered. Even the standard paint can was redesigned with shipping and shelf-worthy storage in mind.

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Campaign Imagery

Friends and family were captured in the process of painting. The campaign photography celebrates the brand’s visceral, DIY aesthetics and highlights people enjoying their “no cookie cutter” interior.

Raising the Glass to a Cleaner Pour