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The Brief

The Google Meet hardware team and Aruliden collaborated to bring the latest video conferencing hardware to life. The Google Meet Series One room kits were designed with personal interaction in mind, resulting in a cutting-edge set of hardware that enables digital meetings to be seamless, inviting, and more immersive.

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The Series One System

Series One was born from the need for a discreet, people focused conferencing system that’s purpose built for Meet on Chrome OS.

More immersive meetings

It’s more important than ever to provide an experience that helps people feel like they’re working together, not just meeting together. The Google Meet Series One room kits were built from this collaborative principle and come with the best of Google AI built-in.

Series One is designed to be flexible and adaptive, available in a series of configurations for either small, medium, and large-sized rooms and created to fit in a varying range of environments and settings seamlessly. From smaller, more intimate offices, all the way up to the largest of boardrooms.

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Kits are available in two inviting colors, Charcoal and Chalk

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PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) enables for a fuss-free and wire-limited set-up

Approachable design

A cohesive design language was formulated from a series of simple and soft gestures, rounded edges, and minimal lines, resulting in a modular family of familiar, yet unassuming products that have reduced core elements to their purest form.

The result is a seamless ecosystem of six products, featuring a number of technological and design innovations that aim to solve any of the familiar and unwelcome grievances with digital conferencing.

Series One Packaging

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Aruliden set out to devise a packaging system that felt as cohesive as the product itself

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Everything down to the labels, the icons on the boxes, unboxing, and environmental footprint were all considered in the design approach

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The packaging nests together in a coherent way, with a unified and modular system, allowing for each Series One room kit to be assembled and shipped with ease

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Red Dot Awards—
Best of the Best 2021


iF Design Award–

Gold Award 2021 



Shortlist: Product Design 2021

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