Hiki— Sweat Products for Any Body

The Brief

Together with the Arfa team, and an incredible Collective of real users from all walks of life, we were invited to rethink the sweat category. Rethinking the category meant rethinking the entire process for a topic that has been in need of innovation, and demanded a new approach to creating products with the core user at the center. A human approach to a mundane, over simplified category.

  • Services

  • Brand Strategy

  • Visual Identity

  • Product Design

  • Packaging

Together with arfa and its Collective we identified what really matters when it comes to sweat through seeing, hearing, gathering and learning about what they needed in their lives. Sweat products for Any Body.

Product & Packaging

Aruliden, with inputs from the Collective and team arfa, designed and developed the brand and packaging to reflect everyday sweat needs for everyday people. When it came to design, we chose an approach that unified the gender-neutral line through a differentiated and optimistic color palette, not by shape or color similarity. Our bodies are all different, so shouldn’t our products be too?
The unique formulations developed by the Arfa team—think vegan, cruelty-free formulations—were designed for real bodies in motion. The outerpack ensured recyclable materials wherever possible. And a line up that clearly articulated our aim to be proud of our bodies and unashamed of our sweatiness.

Web Design

Brand World

To help tell the stories about our bodies and to address the sometimes uncomfortable situations related to perspiration, a set of illustrated characters were developed by artist Shay O’Brien. The abstract but friendly personas add playfulness to a category so void of it.
Reengineering the Value of a Great Shave