Perfect Marc Jacobs— A Fragrance Celebrating Self Love

The Brief

In close partnership with Marc Jacobs and Coty, Aruliden was tasked to create a design as unique as the generation it represents. Over the course of two years, Aruliden collaborated closely with Marc Jacobs to bring his vision to life, on every detail of the PERFECT fragrance bottle, retail and overall experience.

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  • Industrial Design

  • Product Development

  • Packaging

  • Retail Design

The Bottle

The Perfect Marc Jacobs bottle is crafted with a blend of elegant and unexpected elements. Each charm injects a touch of Marc Jacob’s irreverent style into the design. At the top, a crystal-cut cap is crowned with an eclectic and multicolored collection of mis-matched charms. The weighted glass base is inspired by the grace and style of a classic parfum, with domed shoulders and a gilded collar.

“I tattooed ‘perfect’ on my wrist to remind me that, when I’m looking at myself and wishing I could be stronger in this way or better at that thing, I can just say no, I’m exactly how I need to be right now. My new fragrance, Perfect, was inspired by my belief that we are all perfect as we are.”
Marc Jacobs
Campaign by Juergen Teller
BTS photography by David Haeuser and Donavon Smallwood
Creative direction & styling by Katie Grand

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