PetPlate— Healthy, fresh-cooked food for dogs.
 It’s about time.

The Brief

PetPlate believes in providing real food for dogs. Made with human-grade ingredients in a USDA kitchen. Healthy food for your dog means a longer, happier life and convenience allows for more time cuddling and less time shopping, preparing, and cooking. We were asked to bring the PetPlate purpose to life, and identify a new visual narrative that clearly articulates what the brand stands for.

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Brand Identity

  • The refresh was approached by shifting the brand values from the “what” to the “why.” Not to solely focus on the quality of PetPlate meals, or the convenience offered, but to convey why it matters—good food means happier healthier dogs.

We helped PetPlate formulate a mission that prioritized giving the precious resource of time back to their customers and pets. Because walk time is more meaningful than shop time, park time is more fun than prep time, and cuddle time is more important than clean up time.

The new identity expresses this adoration for the health and well-being of dogs through a series of optimistic design cues, type-driven, ingredient-forward messaging, and aspirational imagery that portrays the special bond between pet and owner.


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Digital Experience

Out of Home

Out of Box

Every consumer touchpoint was intentionally designed to strike a balance between premium and natural. Bold typography and a systematic approach to information were devised to feel elevated and trustworthy, while textural illustrations offer a new flavor of the fun and magic that PetPlate customers have come to expect from the brand.


The re-envisioned packaging set out to be clean, vibrant, welcoming, and, most importantly, eco-friendly. A shipper was designed for immediate impact and recognition, featuring a dynamic system of natural illustrations and the new brand logo to portray a sense of quality and trustworthiness.


A stackable system of resealable and recyclable food cups deliver on the brand promise of saving customers time, and color-coded lids were introduced to identify flavors in even the densest of freezers easily.


Our photography drew inspiration from the entire PetPlate family, showcasing dog owners from all walks of life. Rather than focusing on the more functional parts of the PetPlate offering, we opted to instead capture the love and affection that motivates PetPlate customers and dog-owners alike. 

“We are a health and happiness brand and our new visual identity is equally adept at communicating the science behind our products and the emotional bonds we share with our dogs. It’s magical!”
Farrel Allen, PetPlate
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