Whoop— 24/7 Performance Optimization

The Brief

Will Ahmed and his team of experts at Whoop came up with new technology to better track key fitness metrics, provide actionable insights, and take the guesswork out of training. Research shows that users are more likely to abandon their wearable devices due to battery issues or taking it off. And for Whoop to constantly gather the insights 
an athlete needs, it needs to be worn 24/7. Aruliden was engaged to define the brand and design a wearable device design for all day comfort that would appeal to elite athletes.

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Initially only available to elite athletes, Whoop is now available direct to consumers via monthly subscription.

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An interchangeable fabric band that moves with you. Sweatproof, waterproof, and comfortable to wear.

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Designing for All Day Comfort

The design considered every aspect of the product experience to ensure that Whoop became a comfortable, lightweight, and stylish device that athletes would want to wear 24 hours a day. The removable battery pack charges the Whoop band on the go, without needing to take the device off. To make the strap as comfortable and versatile as possible, we fit all the components into the head of the device. This allows the user to swap out the strap, while keeping all the hardware in one waterproof unit.

Data that Informs and Unlocks Human Potential

We worked in conjunction with Bureau Oberhaeuser to create a seamless integration between physical product and digital platform. All visualizations, interactions and recommendations are accessed on other devices though to maintain the minimal fabric band that is comfortable to wear all day. 


Visual Identity

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