Wisely— Reengineering the Value of a Great Shave

The Brief

Wisely is a Korean Direct-to-Consumer startup launched in 2018 to address the overpriced shaving market in South Korea. They came to Aruliden to redesign Wisely’s products, brand system, and packaging to create a differentiated experience and deliver a great shave at a fair price. The final result is a product ecosystem (razor, razor cover, blade refill pack) and packaging system that addresses common user challenges and creates a differentiated brand experience for Wisely.

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  • Visual Identity

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  • Packaging

  • CMF Strategy

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The Wisely ecosystem consists of razor, razor cover, and blade refill pack.

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The Wisely razor mixes materials to achieve a balance of comfort, aesthetics, and affordability.

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Optimized for tight bathroom spaces and storage efficiency, the razor cover conceals and protects the blade while in storage or transit.

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The handle is designed to feel natural in your hand, make it easy to shave, and have an enduring product lifetime.

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The blade refill pack is a compact system that features a sliding cover that can be maneuvered with one hand, making replacing your blade incredibly simple.


To further communicate the premium quality of Wisely, the unboxing experience highlights the material story of German engineered razor blades.

Visual Identity


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