Arcana— An Invitation to Return Humanity to The Wild

The Brief

Born from the philosophy that time spent in nature and the supernatural is good for health and wellbeing, Arcana — a new wellness retreat of remote cabins set within the wilderness — enlisted Aruliden to craft a brand mission, supporting identity and graphic system to bring seekers into the wild.

  • Services

  • Brand Identity

  • Art Direction

  • Digital Experience

  • Print Collateral

  • Wayfinding

  • Brand Strategy

  • Website

Our identity system called upon graphic and visual elements that refer back to important elements of the strategy and brand mission; using Favorit, a contemporary interpretation of a modernist sans serif, geometric patterns, and a subtle grid system to relay information in a simple and organized way, all to reinforce the scientific nature of the brand. 

Our identity’s color palette acts as a core element of Arcana’s aesthetic, greatly inspired by gathered, natural elements forged from the wild, imbuing a contemporary tone on the brand, and distinguishing its offerings from earthy and monotonal counterparts.

Wild is not only a place but also a way of being — open, curious, and constantly evolving. Arcana’s, branding, wayfinding, and strategy were all inspired by the ethos that discovering the magical moments of life is hidden in plain sight, found by appreciating the majesty around us.

Our art direction and brand guidelines highlight the supernatural aspects of the brand’s tone. Fresh, contemporary photography featuring a mix of deep close-ups, textures, colors depicting elements that illustrate the diversity of life that you can find in Arcana. We also explored shifting perspectives, capturing some of the details in a new way.

Arcana is a series of cabins immersed in nature, rich in character, and reflective of their environment, situated deep within the Canadian wilderness. Each brand and customer touchpoint, including digital experience, wayfinding, and branded materials were crafted to communicate their aim to provide elevated and well-designed experiences to guests and produce meaningful content backed by science.

Arcana’s purpose is to bridge the heartland and the hinterland, providing experiences that reconnect and reintegrate guests with the wild and inviting them to rediscover the restorative powers of nature. Our journey to finding Arcana was approached from understanding that the concept of community isn’t bound to a gathering, it’s about being a part of a movement. The Arcana ethos is rooted in connection and community, with each other, with nature, and oneself.

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